Spanish is currently spoken by nearly 400 million people world-wide! It is the official language of 21 countries, spanning 4 continents, with significant populations of speakers in other countries as well. Native Spanish speakers number 30 million, about 12.5% of the total U.S. population.

What else? The Spanish in SMA is a combination of immersion in the target language, skill development, and cultural activities, supportive teachers guide students through the program in order to prepare them to continue their study in the High School and to become engaged members of the global community.

Furthermore, the percentage of Spanish speakers in the U.S. is rapidly increasing as Hispanic consumers have been declared the fastest growing market segment. Speaking Spanish can open the door to a wide world of professional and personal opportunity.

Studying Spanish at SMA

Spanish in Stella Maris Academy it is a requirement for all our students Tk-8th Grade. The programs offered at the Department of Spanish of SMA emphasize an engagement with literary and cultural studies through an attentive reading to the particularities of language and socio-historical context. The students explore the traditions surrounding the Hispanic Culture every month: Feria de Málaga, Spain, in August, Día de los Muertos in November, 3Kings in January, etc.

This is a way for our students to open their eyes to a new world, come to understand their own world better and learn to appreciate differences and embrace the culture.

Our program differentiates 2 levels: Heritage Spanish Speakers and non-Heritage Spanish Speakers. Those classes are designed to prepare students for fluency not just in the language itself, but also in the complexity and diversity. The program is designed to break the barriers between the language and the student. The student will be able by the end of each trimester to communicate verbally. Communication is the most important goal for the program and the Department work towards give our students the opportunity to use the language outside the classroom, in campus, as part as the immersion.

How to meet with a Department Teachers

Our Department teachers are Señora Piña, whom teach TK through 4th Grade and Dr. Amador whom teach 5th through 8th Grade. If you would like to speak to one of the teachers please contact them directly and make an appointment according to their availability.

see you in class

     Dr. Amador                             Señora Piña



November 2022